Fibre-Glass-Swimming-Pool1Fibre glass swimming pools owe their origins to Australia and have become extremely popular in many backyards, not only in Australia, but all around the world. The specific materials have been tested under the harshest of conditions for many years and the swimming pools produced from fibre glass have been proven to last for many, many years. In fact, many companies who provide these pools nowadays will allow for a very long warranty, as they are so confident in their products. This post will introduce you to some of the reasons why fibre glass swimming pools have become so popular in recent years. (more…)

Pool1We all love a good swim – it’s great exercise as well as being relaxing and challenging. Swimming is the best exercise for your body as it is cardiovascular and it tones pretty much every muscle in the body. Many people dream of owning their own pool as it is a hassle to get out to public ones. However it is something that is just out of the question for most people without endless money. (more…)

solar_1Swimming pool lighting is one of the hardest but also most impressive things you need to get right. A well light pool is a very effective, attractive and also a practical thing. The mixture of light and water at night can really add a lot to your back garden and really and truly is a great addition.

Lighting a pool facilitates those night time swims, adds beauty to your garden area and is a great way to create ambience. So, here are some tips to get the most from your pool lighting. (more…)

816874_75146794As summer is around the corner, it is the best time to re-evaluate the condition of your pool and get it ready for bright and hot days. Every year a large number of pool accidents take place either within the pool’s perimeters or inside the pool. In this regard, the slippery areas around the pools are the major culprit. Although, adults mostly suffer from pool hazards yet children within the age bracket of 1-4 are also included in the injured list. (more…)

408923_10150578842856234_171803576233_9158264_751247192_nA home swimming pool is a wonderful luxury. Many companies offer maintenance, at a price, so could you do the job yourself?

The luxury of a home swimming pool

Having a swimming pool at home is a fantastic bonus, especially in the UK where swimming in the sea is likely to be just a tad chilly! It is often difficult to find the time to get to your local swimming pool or health club and it is great to have that option at home. With a home swimming pool you can unwind after a stressful day and make sure you keep up your exercise routine without all that wasted time driving for miles to the gym or local authority pool. There really are few home luxuries that contribute more to your general health and wellbeing. (more…)

pool-canvasInstallation of mosaic glass tiles in home swimming pools are getting more and more popular because of their functionality, versatility and durability. As compared to traditional proclaim or ceramic tiles, glass tiles will not fade away and thus will require less maintenance. Furthermore, these tiles will reflect the light through the water in stunningly sparkling and iridescent way making your pool much brighter and imparting an inviting look. (more…)

hot tubGetting a hot tub for your home is something that you should be really excited about. It can provide one of the best ways for pampering after a strenuous day at work. And if your place has more space, you can set up a mini spa and relax while enjoying a refreshing drink, reading your favourite book or just get soaked with your loved one during a romantic night. It can also serve as a perfect place for recreation for families and friends during holidays and breaks. (more…)

Swim gogglesSwimming is a great sport, providing easily accessible exercise for any person without the impact upon joints that other workouts such as running might incur.

Swimming is also great because it requires very little equipment. For many a pool and swimming kit is enough, but for those who take their dip a bit more seriously, another piece of invaluable gear is a pair of well-fitting swimming goggles. (more…)

409505_10150586890311234_171803576233_9186114_1198075850_nWhen you first had your swimming pool installed, you thought it was the best thing ever! But that was a little while ago, nowadays you don’t like it quite as much. Nobody explained the aftercare aspect to you, it seems like a lot of hard work, and you are so busy. The last time you cleaned the pool was some time ago, and you could have swore that you saw a frog in there last night! Swimming pools are like any aspect of your home and garden, if you do not look after them, you will soon be looking at an eyesore. Here we talk about the best ways to keep that pool looking good and staying that way! (more…)

painting a swimmig poolWhy do you need to paint your pool? Although it’s just fine to leave your new pool bare, there are actually a few benefits to applying a coat of paint on surfaces. For one, paint protects surfaces from friction, sun, water, and other external elements. Second, there are also certain kinds of paint that resist slime and reduce your chances of slipping; thereby improving your safety while using your pool. Third, paint also adds value and beauty. Finally, paint creates smoother surfaces, and this makes cleaning the pool and its surrounding areas much easier.

Choosing paint, however, can be tricky not only because there are several colors to choose from, but also because there are specific types of paint for certain surfaces. The two general classifications are chlorinated rubber and epoxy. See below for the advantages and disadvantages of both options. (more…)