Pool Shed – Beauty Meets Function

Oh! Oh! This is getting old, mopping up tracked in water and gathering wet towels and swim suits from the bathroom that leads between the swimming pool and the house.

During the beginning years this was a good idea, but with the passage of time the family has grown with more children and guests. The bathroom cannot accommodate the increased numbers of people. In fact, people are trampling through the small patio area, entering through the sliding doors into the living room. Footprints of water seem to be everywhere.

Have you begun to notice the fact that it is time to construct a pool shed or pavilion?

Just imagine for a moment constructing a separate building at the end of the swimming pool which will:

  1. house a washer and dryer to maintain wet towels, swim suits, and other clothing
  2. Individual dressing rooms for men and women
  3. storage area for pool equipment and chemicals
  4. decorator fencing for privacy and additional beauty to the swimming pool area

A pool shed may be thought of as being a luxury item, but it is very practical:

  1. It provides shading from the sun or shelter from an unexpected cloud burst.
  2. It is a structure housing the outdoor barbeque, the wet bar, and dining area.
  3. It may have a partial or full kitchen setup.
  4. It can be setup with a conversation or game niche.
  5. Wet bodies can leave their water drippings in the pool pavilion. The floor of the pool shed is designed at a slight tilt to be able to handle excess water and/or the floor will dry with natural sunlight.

The pool shed need not be very expensive as it only needs to be the size that will fulfill your needs. You may want a pool shed to have changing rooms to handle the wet towel and wet swim suit problems. Pool chemicals and equipment can continue to be stored where you are currently doing so. And the barbeque grill can stay where it is.

Really think about this for a moment; the pool shed or pavilion, should be designed to enhance the style of the house. If you think this out carefully you may be able to assemble one section at a time and each spring add the next addition. But I have to admit it is much easier and less expensive to build everything you need at one time.

Just as the swimming pool adds value to the home and property, likewise a pool shed or pavilion will do the same.

Get started building your pool shed. Visit the hobby page of Tricia Deed at http://www.Infotrish.vpweb.com/ Review Welcome Woodworking Enthusiasts and while there do not forget to download your free shed plan.

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