Turn Your Pool Into Your Very Own Water Park With an Inground Pool Slide

The heat is definitely on and it is high time to turn the fun meter to full blast as far as family and kids are concerned. You don’t have to break the bank, definitely not in a recession (although most economic gurus are declaring it is officially over), all you need are a few creative inground pool “add-ons” and you are all set for all out summer fun.

One such add-on is an inground pool slide which can virtually turn your inground pool into your very own water park. I’m pretty sure you have been to a number of water parks in your lifetime and you have seen some commonality in all the parks that you have been to, now it is up to you to scale it down to fit the pool in your own backyard.

Going back to the in-ground pool slide I have started to talk about. I bet your kids, no your whole family, will approve of the idea of putting one up, especially if you have a good size pool to attach it to.

There are actually a number of options when it comes to an in-ground pool slide. You can get the ultra-expensive ones or the budget-friendly types. It really depends on what you plan to do with your in-ground pool and what your budget can accommodate. The good thing is you will never run out of options, no matter what type of in-ground pool slide you decide on.

For the still undecided (be it whether to actually get one or which one to get), it is best to get an in-ground pool slide that is more or less “temporary”. These are the inflatable types or those made of PVC or nylon tarpaulin material. You local pool supplies store should have one or two kinds of these “temporary” inground pool slides.

For those who have read my other piece on our very own pool slide, which has brought immeasurable joy to my kids, and have been convinced that they too could turn their swimming pools into their own water park, the perfect inground pool slide is just a click away.

But first, decide on the height you want your inground pool slide to have, whether you want it closed like a big tube or open like a typical playground slide, and if you want it straight, winding or in a spiral shape. Once you have these “variables” down pat, you are ready to visit a few online pool supplies store to begin your search on the perfect slide for you and your family.

All that is left for you to do is choose one that fits your budget to a “T”, and in the following days you can expect to be hearing nothing but laughter, giggles… oh and maybe a few “arguments” on who gets to go on the slide first and for how long each one can stay on top of the slide before actually sliding down the inground pool slide.

Just a hint, everything (or at least most of it) I am sharing in my articles are based on my experiences, so they should really count for something when it comes to making the most out of family pool fun.

Being in the Swimming Pool Industry for 40 years, Steve Merillat was one of the first people that designed and installed free-form vinyl in-ground pools and pioneered many of the techniques used to this day with regards to their installation. For all of your Swimming Pool Supplies needs, any purchase or information on your Inground Pool Slide, visit 1800Pools.

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