Swimming Pools Are Not A DIY Project

Thinking of putting in an in-ground pool? This major renovation can add value, beauty, and versatility to your home, but it’s not the job for the weekend DIYer, in spite of what some websites say. Pools require major excavation, and need the services of a reputable contractor.

The basic process for installing an in-ground pool seems fairly straight forward. First, dig a big hole, line it with gunite or vinyl, and fill it with water. However, this deceptively simple process can be fraught with pitfalls which you probably can’t handle.

First, the matter of digging a big hole isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. You must know where to dig and how deep to dig. Since most people don’t install pools that are all one depth, grading must be done to ensure the right pitch for your pool floor. If you are installing a drop-in pool, this step is also critical to make sure the pool fits and is level. This process requires not only heavy equipment such as a backhoe, but also some finesse on the part of the digger–calculating angles and making minute adjustments to the floor of your pool.

For the second step, lining the pool, the process will be determined in large part by the type of lining you choose. If you are using gunite or concrete, forms must be built and the concrete poured and finished to give a uniform thickness. This is hard enough for the average handiman to do when building a small walkway, let alone vertical walls. If the liner is vinyl or drop-in, backfilling becomes an issue. This means that a certain amount of dirt must be pushing against the walls to stabilize them when the pool is filled with water. It takes a bit of experience to get the right amount of pressure on the walls of the pool.

Finally, landscaping around your pool, while at least feasible for an amateur, is usually best left to the professionals as well. Pool contractors and landscaping contractors have vast experience with the plants and placement that will work best with various types of pools and outer aprons, and will usually contract with you for this job as part of the pool installation. If your excavating contractor does not do landscaping, he or she will be able to refer you to a quality person to complete this part of the project.

Demolition of a pool is another job best left to the professionals, unless you relish the idea of lugging thousands of pounds of concrete or other materials through a muddy mess, then having truckloads of dirt hauled in to fill the big hole in your yard. Whatever the job on your pool, it is always well worth the money to contract the job to a professional. You will get wonderful results that will give you pleasure for years to come.

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