Swimming Pool Heaters

The most expensive aspect of having a swimming pool is the construction of it. Maintenance is also expensive. Therefore, those who have garden swimming pools usually strive to get as many hours of use out it as possible. This equates to sitting in the garden at the poolside whenever they can and inviting friends and family around to share it all with them.

However, there is one more thing that you can do to raise the number of hours you can spend in your pool – you can lengthen the season that you are able to use it in. The temperature of the water is the only real restriction on swimming outside, it does not really matter whether it is snowing or raining as long as the water is warm enough.

Swimming in the rain, the mist and the snow is actually great fun, at least as much fun as swimming in the sunshine, as long as the water is warm enough and there is no lightening. The answer is to fit a water heater into your swimming pool system.

A swimming pool water heater can have a drastic impact on the amount of time you can spend in your pool. If you set the thermostat at 78-80 F (about 25 C), you can double the amount of time you can spend in the water. If you live in a warm part of the country, you may just require to heat the water by a couple of degrees to be able swim in comfort.

A large body of heated water will lose most of its heat through its surface area, so it is a good concept to cover your pool with a decent quality insulation blanket-cum-pool cover. The insulated pool blankets will reduce your heating bills fairly significantly and it will increase the level of pool safety considerably too.

The most common systems for heating swimming pool water are liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or oil fired. These systems are easy to set up and comparatively cheap to run. Electricity is also used, but it is not economical. If you live in the correct area meaning that you just require to raise the water temperature a few degrees, you could use solar power.

The problem with solar power is the profit margin the retailers want to make. If you make your own panels, buy in kit form or purchase secondhand panels, solar power would be the best approach, if you have the sun, but not quite sufficient heat.

At the moment, gas-powered swimming pool water heating is still by far the simplest to set up and run and so provides the best answer to heating your pool. You will be able to get LPG water heaters secondhand from numerous sources and you will be able to buy new from the Net as well. eBay is another decent source of LPG swimming pool water heaters.

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