Ping Pong, Pool, Piano – 5 Extras To Bring Into Your House

After a busy week, sometimes people are desperate to have a bit of a lie down, and to relax. But the kids, they always have to be doing something. Keep ‘em occupied with these, and maybe even play with them yourself when you feel like getting a bit cheeky on a Saturday night. They’re sure to equal a good time, are affordable, and they might even get you a little bit sweaty and competitive.

Apply the rules of tennis…

…to your very own ping pong table. It gets competitive. And who knows, you might just have a little Forrest Gump on your hands. Ping pong improves hand-eye coordination, and is actually a lot of fun. You can play in teams or just one-on-one. Just remember to keep your eyes on the ball, and always have spares!


Just keep swimming

Swim laps in your very own swimming pool, and let the kids play games in there. It’s healthy and it’s fun. They’ll never be bored on a hot Summer afternoon again, nor will they complain about it being ‘sooooo hot’. They can just go swimming with their friends and siblings to cool off.

A different kind of pool

Getting a pool table will yet again improve hand-eye coordination, and is super handy for a spot of adult fun. Sure, the kids can learn, but this is a game for the olds (who can actually hold the whole cue). It’s a good game to play in pairs, and there’s definitely a sense of accomplishment whenever you get one in. Plus, everyone’s got to indulge their competitive streak once in a while.

A sweet melody


Buying a piano for little Tony while he learns how to play is a good idea. It’ll add a bit of musicality to the house. Bonus if you or hubby knows how to play, as a nice contrast to hearing ‘Chopsticks’ over and over. It does take up a lot of space, but is definitely worth it for the added class alone.

Bouncy bouncy

A trampoline in your backyard will have your kids thanking you. Let them get active, and make sure to buy foam to cover those dangerous metal bits. Plus a trampoline doubles as an outdoor fort, just throw a sheet over it and your little ones have somewhere to hide.


Now you and the kids can work hard and play hard. What better way to relax after a long week than to play some games in the pool, or on a ping pong table. And hey, maybe you’d even want to buy a foosball table too (or is that asking too much?). These suggestions will bring some serious fun and loads of laughter to your already overcrowded house.

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