How To Teach A Petrified Kid Not To Be Afraid Of Water

kids at swimming poolKids love to frolic in water all the time. Most kids would love to stay in bath tub or the inflatable swimming tub for hours together. But when you want them to learn to swim, they are scared for reasons best known to them. Teach kids not be afraid of water and what fun it would be to swim around especially during summer time.

Here are few tips on how to teach your kids not be afraid of the water

Start early:
Kids tend to learn faster than adults. Therefore, it is important that they start swimming lessons early. With heavy practice and good guidance, your kid would shed the fear for water and start swimming confidently.

Start with a suitable swimming program:
There are swimming programs that befits all ages. Enrol you kid in a program that has kids of similar age group. This will help them to build a rapport with others and compete with their contemporaries.

Set an example:
Parents should set an example to their kids. Never discuss with your kids about the bad experiences you had while learning to swim when you were a kid. On the contrary, explain to them about how much fun you had as a kid.

Warm pool:
Kids must be scared of venturing out in chilly water. Therefore, make it a point to find a warm pool. Tell them, that it would be great to swim in warm water and you are particular about their comfort more than anything else.

boys swimming underwaterSwimming instructor:
If want your kids to be taught swimming from a professional swimmer, make sure that you select friendly swimming instructors. There is no point in learning swimming from a strict instructor as it would not be an enjoyable experience. After all, learning to swim should be amusing and entertaining!

Join your kids:
Join your kids while they go out to learn swimming at least for a couple of days. Yes, your kids comfort level would be high with parents around.

Never leave your kid unattended:
It is not safe to leave your kid unattended at the swimming pool. While there are swimming instructors and helpers around the pool at all times, it is safe to have an eye on the kids.

Do not panic:
When you see the kid heading towards a danger, do not panic as it would not help. Draw the attention of the swimming instructor immediately and try to get help as soon as possible.

Fear factor:
Most parents tend to throw their kids in water without anticipating how traumatic it would be for them. This trauma would remain etched out in their memories throughout their lives and they may never learn to swim. Do not force your kids but let them take their own time to get into the water.

Encourage the kids:
Encourage your kids to take on swimming by strewing around floatable toys and tell them about the safety measures taken to ensure that they will not be harmed.

Children tend to get petrified with water for some reason. Do not rush them to learn swimming in such situations but talk to them about how important it is to learn swimming. Further, it could be an enjoyable experience especially with other kids frolicking in the water.

Rachel is a swimming instructor based in Perth specialised in providing swimming lessons for babies and infants.

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