What Does Having An Outdoor Swimming Pool In Britain Really Mean?

MH900058070In theory, everyone would love one; they’d be the envy of their friends; in heaven on a hot, sticky summer’s day and would definitely have the best house on the street. However, there are a huge number of misconceptions about garden swimming pools that might make you think twice before installing one.
A lot of people think and a lot of buyers are told that installing an outdoor swimming pool will increase the value of their home when it could in fact make it less appealing to potential buyers. If you have a huge house with lots of land for example then a swimming pool might be worthwhile, the people that are specifically looking to buy large, million pound, country residences are looking for the luxuries in life and a swimming pool is certainly one of them. However, if you live in a standard three bedroomed home then the people who come to look at your house are likely to be small families who will be concerned with their children’s safety. People are becoming less and less likely to buy a home on a road in favour of modern estates, just as they’re less likely to purchase a house where their children need to be constantly monitored when they’re playing in the back garden.
Having a swimming pool installed in your garden could cost anything from around £20,000 to as much as £100,000 and although it may boost the value of your house by a few thousand pounds, you won’t make your money back on it so you should only have one installed if you really want one and you know you’ll use it.
One thing that has proved popular though, is converting an out building in order to create an indoor swimming pool. Although this would be more expensive your investment would definitely be more worthwhile as you will be able to use the pool throughout the year and building an indoor pool will probably add substantial value to your property as well as being a reason to come and view your home when you come to sell it. Families won’t be put off by the idea of a pool either because they can easily lock the building and allow their children to play outside safely.
Ultimately, a pool in a British back garden makes a stay-cation much more appealing so in some respects, eventually having a pool might actually save you money because you won’t have to shell out to take the whole family abroad each year. So, if this is what you want then having a pool might be for you.

Jenna Woolley hated the idea of having a pool at her home but her husband really wanted one. When they contacted Build-Your-Pool for some advice and she realised the options that were available though, she couldn’t say no.

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