4 Ways To Pamper Your Swimming Pool

409505_10150586890311234_171803576233_9186114_1198075850_nWhen you first had your swimming pool installed, you thought it was the best thing ever! But that was a little while ago, nowadays you don’t like it quite as much. Nobody explained the aftercare aspect to you, it seems like a lot of hard work, and you are so busy. The last time you cleaned the pool was some time ago, and you could have swore that you saw a frog in there last night! Swimming pools are like any aspect of your home and garden, if you do not look after them, you will soon be looking at an eyesore. Here we talk about the best ways to keep that pool looking good and staying that way!

You Are The Pool Guy!

When you watch the reality Television shows about the rich and famous in Hollywood or wherever, the pools always look awesome. That is down to the fact that they employ some chap to look after their pool, and these guys are professionals. As well as being handsome and tanned, they know exactly how to keep the water looking clean and being pleasant to dive into. Sadly, you may not have the budget to hire one of these nice people, so you have to become one yourself!

Care For Your Pool

You probably spent more on your pool than you did on your nice car, and how many times a week do you wash that beauty? So why forget the swimming pool? Just because it is wet, doesn’t mean that it is clean. As with your prized automobile, you need to follow some procedures to get the most out of your swimming pool.

Get Started

You will need a pool specific net and a brushing tool, and these can be purchased at your local home depot or pool retail outlet. After a while you will usually get some leaves and various debris floating on the surface of your pool. Use the net to scoop these out and place the waste into a plastic bag for disposal later. The sides and bottom of the pool will get dirty after a while and you need to remove this as soon as possible. Use the long brush to sweep this dirt away, you may see some more debris come to the surface, use the net to remove this.

Swimming pool pumpPump Basket

Locate your pump engine and switch the machine off, then locate the filter basket. This will probably have some form of debris and leaves clogging up your filter system. Remove this and turn your pump back on for a smoother flowing filter.


If the dirt on your pool walls and floor is too stubborn to remove with your brush, you can use a pool vacuum system instead. You can buy these from the home depot or hire them from a pool maintenance company. They operate the same way as a conventional vacuum cleaner, and just imagine you are cleaning a huge blue rug!


This aspect is often overlooked when looking after your swimming pool, there can be nothing worse than getting sore eyes from an over-chlorinated swimming pool. Check the PH levels regularly and follow the instructions carefully.


Rod Tuckers is the owner of b-rodpools.com, a firm which provides swimming pool service in Darien CT. He deals with pool maintenance issues on a regular basis and regularly advises people on his blog about it.

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