4 Simple Tips to Properly Maintain Your Hot Tub

hot tubGetting a hot tub for your home is something that you should be really excited about. It can provide one of the best ways for pampering after a strenuous day at work. And if your place has more space, you can set up a mini spa and relax while enjoying a refreshing drink, reading your favourite book or just get soaked with your loved one during a romantic night. It can also serve as a perfect place for recreation for families and friends during holidays and breaks.

Today, hot tubs are very common to households as it also adds more appeal to the overall design of your home. But with the many great benefits that a hot tub can offer you it also comes with a lot of responsibility and one of which is keeping it clean and functional. Hot tubs can sometimes be tough to maintain especially for first time buyers as well to busy homeowners. However, keeping in mind the following tips will help you keep your hot tubs in tip-top shape and requires only a few minutes. Check out the list of three very simple tips that you can do in order to properly maintain the cleanliness and condition of your hot tub at home.

Tip #1: Regularly Replace the Water of Your Hot Tub – One very basic tip that you should know is when to replace the water of your hot tub. Though bromine or chlorine sanitation can help preserve the water to usable or safe condition, water SHOULD be replaced every 3, 4, or 6 months depending on how much your hot tub is used and how the water looks like. Also, make sure that you read the instructions first on how to correctly drain your hot tub so you won’t have any possible issues that may lead to serious damage.

Tip #2: Clean the Water Filter Frequently –This is considered as a major chore for hot tub owners. The filter prevents and removes dirt and other unwanted particles from the water. Filters can become filthy in just a couple of weeks and can get clogged especially when the hot tub is used frequently. To keep the filters in good condition, make sure to do routine checks and clean it properly.

Tip #3: Perform Manual Cleaning Occasionally – Sometimes you would have to manually clean the hot tub by hand in order to keep it completely clean. This kind of cleaning only needs to be done occasionally such as when you notice that the hot tub is already accumulating a lot of dirt. You can easily do this by draining the water of the hot tub and then using a cotton cloth and the recommended cleaning solution to clean the entire area. Doing this a couple of times a year is a really good way to keep your hot tub looking vibrant and new.

hot tub coverTip #4: Use Foam Cover with Good Insulation – Lastly, another way to preserve energy and help cut your energy bill is by using a foam cover with excellent insulation. Covers with insulating value of more than R-12 are highly recommended for owners who use hot tubs regularly to prevent heat loss.

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