Install Fascination Glass Mosaic Tiles In Your Swimming Pool

pool-canvasInstallation of mosaic glass tiles in home swimming pools are getting more and more popular because of their functionality, versatility and durability. As compared to traditional proclaim or ceramic tiles, glass tiles will not fade away and thus will require less maintenance. Furthermore, these tiles will reflect the light through the water in stunningly sparkling and iridescent way making your pool much brighter and imparting an inviting look.

Installing Glass Mosaic Tiles

Following lines explain how you can install glass mosaic tiles in your home swimming pool.

  • First, you need to drain the pool completely and then chip any high spots away along the liner of the pool. Then with the help of light chipping hammer, chip away all the debris from around lights and pipes.
  • Now, take a pressure nozzle fitted with garden hose and clean the entire surface of the pool. Leave the pool to dry down until it looks damp but there is no apparent moisture on the surface, the practice known as saturated dry surface.
  • Fill out all the cracks, large voids, pipes and light penetrations with the tightly packed hydraulic cement to make all the walls and floors level. Keep the cement saturated surface dry for at least 7 days to allow full curing.
  • The next step is to install elastomeric membrane as per the instructions of the manufacturer. The process of installation and curing of the membrane will take approximately 6 days.
  • Now dampen the surface through saturated surface dry again. Furthermore, clean backsides of all the tiles to clear any dust present.
  • Now you it is time to mix mosaic glass adhesive with water in a ratio of 3 to 1. Continue mixing till the time you get a cream consistency and leave it for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, stir again and use immediately for best results. Do not make the mixture that you cannot use within 15 minutes otherwise it will start to set before installation and tiles will not bond properly with the walls and floors.


  • The best way to install the tiles is to spread the adhesive over a small area of the pool at a time using the notched trowel. Now install only one sheet of tiles over adhesive and with a rubber grout float hammer them properly. Now go for the second sheet and check whether both sheets are level or not and if they are not, tap as needed to level them off. Similarly, install other sheets of tiles until the installation is complete.
  • Now cover the pool and leave the adhesive to cure according to instructions given by manufacturer. Keep checking the curing as the natural processes like wind, rains and temperature will affect the curing. You cannot start grouting until the curing process is over.
  • For grouting, moisten the tiles with a damp cloth and start grouting with the help of an epoxy grout mixture and a rubber ground float held at an angel of 45 degrees.
  • The next step is to rub the tiles with the scrubber provided with epoxy grout and water for at least 75 minutes. Subsequently, clear any residue left with the cloth and let the ground to dry down for 24 hours.
  • Now fill all the expansion joints with the help of the caulking gum and try to fill all the gaps completely.
  • Now leave the pool for 20 days so that the surface can cure fully and then start filling the pool at the rate of 1 inch of water per hour.

Glass mosaic tiles are really a great idea to make your swimming pool attractive, more beautiful and a place to relax in the most soothing atmosphere.

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