A Clear Route To Swimming Pool Health

408923_10150578842856234_171803576233_9158264_751247192_nA home swimming pool is a wonderful luxury. Many companies offer maintenance, at a price, so could you do the job yourself?

The luxury of a home swimming pool

Having a swimming pool at home is a fantastic bonus, especially in the UK where swimming in the sea is likely to be just a tad chilly! It is often difficult to find the time to get to your local swimming pool or health club and it is great to have that option at home. With a home swimming pool you can unwind after a stressful day and make sure you keep up your exercise routine without all that wasted time driving for miles to the gym or local authority pool. There really are few home luxuries that contribute more to your general health and wellbeing.

The ongoing price of luxury

Such luxury does come with a price, though and any home swimming pool owner knows that the purchase and installation of the pool is only part of the costs. Thereafter you have to budget for proper maintenance to keep your pool in tiptop condition and to allow you to enjoy a swim anytime you like. Many owners will outsource these maintenance tasks to a specialist company, but with websites selling products like swimming pool chemicals and offering quality maintenance products for use at home, more people are beginning to take on these tasks themselves.

Your maintenance regime

Many good pool chemicals suppliers also offer excellent advice and information on the best maintenance regime for your own particular pool, so you do not require any experience or expertise before you start. A typical maintenance regime could start with sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine for regular cleansing and weekly shock treatments to prevent against algae attacks. Clarifiers, meanwhile, clear cloudy or lightly soiled water, whilst flocs will clear more heavily soiled pool water. Algicides assist chlorine in fighting algae.

Early intervention saves money

Water balancers will balance pool water for pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness levels whilst allowing the chlorine to do its job properly. There are also cleaning chemicals to keep the surfaces of your pool spotless and testing kits to make sure your water is in good condition. If all of this sounds complex, don’t worry. You will soon get into the routine. No one knows your pool better than you and you are perfectly placed to spot little problems before they escalate and deal with them immediately.

Alan Whyte runs a successful swimming pool installation company. He regularly visits oasispoolproducts.co.uk to see what new swimming pool chemicals they have to offer.

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