Make Your Pool Safe To Protect Your Family In Coming Summer

816874_75146794As summer is around the corner, it is the best time to re-evaluate the condition of your pool and get it ready for bright and hot days. Every year a large number of pool accidents take place either within the pool’s perimeters or inside the pool. In this regard, the slippery areas around the pools are the major culprit. Although, adults mostly suffer from pool hazards yet children within the age bracket of 1-4 are also included in the injured list.

Keep You Family Safe:

In order to protect your family from potential pool disasters, you need to keep following points in mind.

  • Pool Fences:

If you want to control the area surrounding the pool, the best thing to do is to install fences around the pool. However, these fences should not be the interruption and therefore it is better to install glass fences instead of wooden or metallic. The glass fence will keep your family safe and you can still enjoy the charm of the pool during summer.


  • Anti-Slip Coatings:

It is absolutely important to treat entire area around the pool with anti-slip coatings. Coating will definitely make the pool safer by reducing the incidents of slipping and will last for long time as well.

  • Make Pool Visible:

Ensure that you can see the pool from all parts of your home either through surveillance cameras, a presence detector or windows. Most of the children accidents tale place when parents or adults cannot see what the kids are doing around and inside the pool.

  • Make Getting to Pool Harder:

You need to make the access to the pools little harder especially for the kids. In this regard, glass fence can again come to your help as it will prevent the children from getting to the water. Furthermore, it is extremely enticing and appealing to have a pool right next to the kitchen but it entails many dangers. Therefore you should seal the areas with railings because safety is always more important than entertainment.

  • Enough Walking Space:

Plenty of useless furniture around the pool like extra relaxing chairs can actually be very dangerous for people especially kids moving around. These extra pieces of furniture will ac tike obstacles causing people to collide against them and get injured. Furthermore, if you slip and strike against them it can inflict serious injuries to you as well.

  • Material Used in Pool Design:

You should not only use wood or concrete around the pool while designing it but should also grow plenty of grass in the surroundings as well. A well grown patch of grass is a best protective tip that will prevent your family from slipping and subsequently getting injured.

  • Life Jackets:

All of the people especially kids under 3 years of age should always wear life jackets. Furthermore, a person who does not know how to swim should also equip him with life jackets unless he is learning to swim under the direct supervision of a responsible person.


Accidents can happen at any time and without any warning. Therefore, necessary precautionary measures and using a little common sense like remaining vigilant when children are playing in the pool can save many precious lives.

Author’s Bio: Anthony Powell is a home improvement expert and writes on home safety tips and ideas to get photos to canvas online. He works for an online store offering best quality split canvas prints.

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