Lighting for your swimming pool – what’s the best

solar_1Swimming pool lighting is one of the hardest but also most impressive things you need to get right. A well light pool is a very effective, attractive and also a practical thing. The mixture of light and water at night can really add a lot to your back garden and really and truly is a great addition.

Lighting a pool facilitates those night time swims, adds beauty to your garden area and is a great way to create ambience. So, here are some tips to get the most from your pool lighting.


If you’re using electric lighting for your pool then it’s advisable to set all the lights and fittings in during the construction of the pool. This prevents a lot of work in the long run and also is often a safer option. Ideally thing lights should be placed in the side walls of the pool and below the water level, as this creates the most attractive effect.

What sort of Lights?

The traditional light is the most obvious option when choosing swimming pool lighting and they offer a cheaper and also well renowned and often utilised way of lighting a pool up. These lights are easily fitted during construction, however afterwards can cause problems. Even changing the lighting of these traditional lights can be an issue as they are underwater and pose a number of problems.

LED Lights

LED lighting offers a number of benefits for people looking to light their pools. One of the most major is the brightness of the LED lighting – this means it is an efficient lighter as well as a very green option that doesn’t tend to require much energy.

In addition, LED lighting tends to last for years, if not decades and the lights often come with a built in colour wheel which can add significant effects to the area. This allows swimming pool owners to add colours and more verve to the pool than they otherwise would be able to. This is a reason why LED lights are becoming increasingly common in the pool area.

solarSolar Lighting

Solar lighting is also a great option for pools as it’s simple to recharge, doesn’t require wiring and easy to add and repair if it needs be. These lights often come with sensors too, so your lights tend to charge when the sun is out and light the pool when it’s gone in. In addition, it’s cheap, green and clean as a lighting option.

Floating Lights

These novelty lights can be a great addition to the pool if you want to just add something a little different and are ideal for late night BBQs and other similar occasions.

Fibre Optics

Fibre optics is great for underwater use as there is no electricity passing through the lights and they are also easy to install. They do cost a reasonable amount, however they can really create a great underwater effect from poolside.

These are great lighting options for a pool and can really help your outdoor area to stand out.

Michael Smith is a lover of lighting and his pool and has tried a number of lighting kinds in the past from and other lighting companies


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