Love Swimming But Can’t Afford Your Own Pool? Here’s A Great Solution!

Pool1We all love a good swim – it’s great exercise as well as being relaxing and challenging. Swimming is the best exercise for your body as it is cardiovascular and it tones pretty much every muscle in the body. Many people dream of owning their own pool as it is a hassle to get out to public ones. However it is something that is just out of the question for most people without endless money.


Pool2There is a solution – and that is a swim spa! Often referred to as ‘swimming machines’, or even ‘endless pools’, they are a tub that you can have installed in your home or garden. One end has a jet stream that you swim against, and this is adjustable meaning you always have the right amount of resistance for you. They have been around since the 1970s but they have gained in popularity in recent years.


The Advantages

Pool3A swim spa is brilliant, because when you are not using it to swim and therefore keep fit and lose weight, it also doubles up as a hot tub! Hydrotherapy has been proven as a great way to treat tired and strained muscles, so you will find it very healing and you’ll make sure there is plenty of opportunity for a relaxing soak too. You can have them installed indoors or outdoors, and they can be heated or cool. It really is the best piece of equipment you could invest in if you prioritise your health and your relaxation. If you have problems with your joints it’s even better, as swimming provides low impact exercise that won’t cause any further harm to existing joints.

Being able to change the jet settings means that you can set your exercise at a pace that suits you, and as you get fitter you can work harder for longer.


The Disadvantages

Pool4Of course, they don’t come cheap, but you can often find an ex-demo model or a second hand one. You’ll need the space, whether indoors or outdoors, to have it installed, so bear this in mind and make sure you have your measurements to hand. There will be a cost in maintaining it – for example the water and the power it uses, and you will also have to add chemicals if you want to keep it free of algae and bacteria (you do!).



We feel it’s only fair that we should issue you a warning about installing your swim spa. Well, two actually. The first is that you will become very popular overnight, and many of your friends will want to come round and have a go! The second is that if you have kids they will love it so much you may not get a chance to use it at all! To counter both these risks, it’s important that you set an hour aside a day that it is solely for your use – everyone else can wait their turn!

More and more people are getting swim spas installed in their homes and gardens – it’s the future of modern exercise!

The author of this post, Jeremy Collins, is an employee at Spa Factory Seconds, which specializes in swim spas in Victoria. He has an enthusiastic and happy go lucky personality and he also enjoys playing the saxophone.

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