Why Have Fibre Glass Swimming Pools Become So Popular?

Fibre-Glass-Swimming-Pool1Fibre glass swimming pools owe their origins to Australia and have become extremely popular in many backyards, not only in Australia, but all around the world. The specific materials have been tested under the harshest of conditions for many years and the swimming pools produced from fibre glass have been proven to last for many, many years. In fact, many companies who provide these pools nowadays will allow for a very long warranty, as they are so confident in their products. This post will introduce you to some of the reasons why fibre glass swimming pools have become so popular in recent years.

3 Main Reasons to Consider Fibre Glass Pools

Fibre-Glass-Swimming-Pool21) The vast majority of fibre glass pools have already been pre-made and manufactured and therefore they can be installed more or less straight away. In fact, it is estimated that your pool will be ready for use within a few days, whereas other materials may take a few weeks to a month to be installed.
2) Fibre glass swimming pools are surprisingly strong and will need to exceed certain standards to ensure they do not crack under the weight of the earth around it moving.
3) You should find that the overall maintenance and cleaning required of a fibre glass swimming pool is far less than that required of other materials.

Other Facts You Should Know about Fibre Glass Pools

Fibre-Glass-Swimming-Pool3-  Despite the difference in material, when compared to let’s say a concrete pool, fibre glass is still expected to be a permanent feature of your backyard and has the ability to last for many years.
-  Unlike many of its counterparts, you will find that a fibre glass swimming pool is both UV ray and chemical resistant. This will ensure that your pool will not become damaged, irrespective of how strong the sun is, or the myriad of chemicals you will need to add to your pool over time.
-  Fibre glass is known to be more durable than other materials and indeed lighter, when it is exposed to water. In fact, it wins hands down when compared to steel, wood and cement.
-  If you used another material that was more or less the same in terms of its size and weight you will actually find that fibre glass will generally be far stronger.
-  As mentioned, fibre glass has a certain flexibility to it, which makes it extremely good to use in the ground, as there are often little movements in the earth underground that you may not be aware of.
-  You will find it far easier to repair a fibre glass pool, in terms of cosmetic changes or structural changes, when compared to the many other materials used to build swimming pools.
-  The finish found on fibre glass will not affect the overall chemistry of the water, which unfortunately cannot be said for many of the other materials used to construct swimming pools.
-  However, you should also be aware that fibre glass swimming pools can be just as expensive, if not more, than concrete or granite-built pools. This may be rather surprising, but when you consider how durable the fibre glass is, it actually makes a lot of sense.

Today’s post has been contributed by Jenny Wadlow who is associated with GTH Earthmoving, a company specializing in laser leveling of house sites. Her hobbies include knitting and photography. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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