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Fibre glass swimming pools owe their origins to Australia and have become extremely popular in many backyards, not only in Australia, but all around the world. The specific materials have been tested under the harshest of conditions for many years and the swimming pools produced from fibre glass have been proven to last for many, [...]

A home swimming pool is a wonderful luxury. Many companies offer maintenance, at a price, so could you do the job yourself? The luxury of a home swimming pool Having a swimming pool at home is a fantastic bonus, especially in the UK where swimming in the sea is likely to be just a tad [...]

Installation of mosaic glass tiles in home swimming pools are getting more and more popular because of their functionality, versatility and durability. As compared to traditional proclaim or ceramic tiles, glass tiles will not fade away and thus will require less maintenance. Furthermore, these tiles will reflect the light through the water in stunningly sparkling [...]

Getting a hot tub for your home is something that you should be really excited about. It can provide one of the best ways for pampering after a strenuous day at work. And if your place has more space, you can set up a mini spa and relax while enjoying a refreshing drink, reading your [...]

When you first had your swimming pool installed, you thought it was the best thing ever! But that was a little while ago, nowadays you don’t like it quite as much. Nobody explained the aftercare aspect to you, it seems like a lot of hard work, and you are so busy. The last time you [...]

Why do you need to paint your pool? Although it’s just fine to leave your new pool bare, there are actually a few benefits to applying a coat of paint on surfaces. For one, paint protects surfaces from friction, sun, water, and other external elements. Second, there are also certain kinds of paint that resist [...]