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Fibre glass swimming pools owe their origins to Australia and have become extremely popular in many backyards, not only in Australia, but all around the world. The specific materials have been tested under the harshest of conditions for many years and the swimming pools produced from fibre glass have been proven to last for many, [...]

We all love a good swim – it’s great exercise as well as being relaxing and challenging. Swimming is the best exercise for your body as it is cardiovascular and it tones pretty much every muscle in the body. Many people dream of owning their own pool as it is a hassle to get out [...]

As summer is around the corner, it is the best time to re-evaluate the condition of your pool and get it ready for bright and hot days. Every year a large number of pool accidents take place either within the pool’s perimeters or inside the pool. In this regard, the slippery areas around the pools [...]

Why do you need to paint your pool? Although it’s just fine to leave your new pool bare, there are actually a few benefits to applying a coat of paint on surfaces. For one, paint protects surfaces from friction, sun, water, and other external elements. Second, there are also certain kinds of paint that resist [...]

In theory, everyone would love one; they’d be the envy of their friends; in heaven on a hot, sticky summer’s day and would definitely have the best house on the street. However, there are a huge number of misconceptions about garden swimming pools that might make you think twice before installing one.

There are a variety of greener options to heat your pool nowadays and the two most common are solar heating and the use of a heat pump to warm the pool. When compared to traditional means such as oil heating, these two options save significant costs and also carbon emissions. Whether your pool is indoors [...]

A pool pump is the core of a pool system and it is vital to know how it works so that if any problems in the future arise you might know what to do to fix it. On the top of the pump is a lid that provides access to the inside of the pump [...]

Did your friends just got a very nice pool? Do you wish to have one yourself, but just can’t copy theirs? Well, here are 20 ideas from which you can inspire freely!

Swimming pools are meant not only for those who enjoy the activity and feel like making it a part of their daily curriculum, but also for those, who might not exactly be champions in the water, but still nevertheless feel the need to take a dip once in a while, and when one can afford [...]

Swimming pools are not a very common phenomenon in India, but the trend is catching up pretty soon, more so because of the increased spending power and the way things have happened in the past few years with the changing lifestyles and the increasing awareness regarding staying fit and keeping in shape. Till now, swimming [...]