kids at swimming poolKids love to frolic in water all the time. Most kids would love to stay in bath tub or the inflatable swimming tub for hours together. But when you want them to learn to swim, they are scared for reasons best known to them. Teach kids not be afraid of water and what fun it would be to swim around especially during summer time.

Here are few tips on how to teach your kids not be afraid of the water (more…)

MH900058070In theory, everyone would love one; they’d be the envy of their friends; in heaven on a hot, sticky summer’s day and would definitely have the best house on the street. However, there are a huge number of misconceptions about garden swimming pools that might make you think twice before installing one. (more…)

solar heatingThere are a variety of greener options to heat your pool nowadays and the two most common are solar heating and the use of a heat pump to warm the pool. When compared to traditional means such as oil heating, these two options save significant costs and also carbon emissions.

Whether your pool is indoors or outdoors both these options can play a part in keeping it warm and ensuring that the running is lower in price, your pool is more accessible and also that it’s not a burden on the environment. (more…)

After a busy week, sometimes people are desperate to have a bit of a lie down, and to relax. But the kids, they always have to be doing something. Keep ‘em occupied with these, and maybe even play with them yourself when you feel like getting a bit cheeky on a Saturday night. They’re sure to equal a good time, are affordable, and they might even get you a little bit sweaty and competitive.

Apply the rules of tennis…

…to your very own ping pong table. It gets competitive. And who knows, you might just have a little Forrest Gump on your hands. Ping pong improves hand-eye coordination, and is actually a lot of fun. You can play in teams or just one-on-one. Just remember to keep your eyes on the ball, and always have spares!


Just keep swimming

Swim laps in your very own swimming pool, and let the kids play games in there. It’s healthy and it’s fun. They’ll never be bored on a hot Summer afternoon again, nor will they complain about it being ‘sooooo hot’. They can just go swimming with their friends and siblings to cool off. (more…)

Outdoor poolA pool pump is the core of a pool system and it is vital to know how it works so that if any problems in the future arise you might know what to do to fix it.

On the top of the pump is a lid that provides access to the inside of the pump for cleaning. This is made easy so that you don’t have to take the whole system apart in order to clean it.  You also have a direct access to the basket which is where most of the dirt will collect. This basket also helps prevent large debris from entering the motor and causing it to lock up or burn up from not being able to work correctly. Without the basket in place the machine itself could stop working in a short time because of how much debris actually enters the pool.

The diffuser brings water into the pump via the impeller but the only moving part is in fact the impeller. The motor is simply there just to make sure that the impeller is moving. The motor on the pump does not provide power to anything else but the impeller. If the motor stops working or the impeller stops moving then both have to be replaced. (more…)

Did your friends just got a very nice pool? Do you wish to have one yourself, but just can’t copy theirs? Well, here are 20 ideas from which you can inspire freely!

The most expensive aspect of having a swimming pool is the construction of it. Maintenance is also expensive. Therefore, those who have garden swimming pools usually strive to get as many hours of use out it as possible. This equates to sitting in the garden at the poolside whenever they can and inviting friends and family around to share it all with them.

However, there is one more thing that you can do to raise the number of hours you can spend in your pool – you can lengthen the season that you are able to use it in. The temperature of the water is the only real restriction on swimming outside, it does not really matter whether it is snowing or raining as long as the water is warm enough. (more…)

Thinking of putting in an in-ground pool? This major renovation can add value, beauty, and versatility to your home, but it’s not the job for the weekend DIYer, in spite of what some websites say. Pools require major excavation, and need the services of a reputable contractor.

The basic process for installing an in-ground pool seems fairly straight forward. First, dig a big hole, line it with gunite or vinyl, and fill it with water. However, this deceptively simple process can be fraught with pitfalls which you probably can’t handle. (more…)

Summer is a time for getting outside to enjoy the sun and recreational activities with friends and family. Where there is water there is a way of enjoying the sun and cooling off at the same time. There is nothing like having a pool at home on those hot days when swimming is the best way to cool off in the middle of a summer’s day. There are several ways to enhance the pool with swimming pool landscaping.

Landscaping Style Depends On Different Types of Swimming Pools

The landscaping should depend on the type of pool the owner has. Plants and stones work better with in-ground pools. That way they will be level with the ground, although above ground pools can be landscaped as well. A little innovation has to be exercised in this case however. Some above ground pools are surrounded by decks, where potted trees and flowers might be strategically placed. In-ground pools with decking around them would benefit from the same idea. Other types with cement and stones have the potential to be converted to an elaborate oasis. (more…)

If the future plans for your backyard include an in-ground swimming pool, you might begin by doing your own design. Whether you wind up with just a rough sketch or a detailed plan, the time is well-spent and you will avoid many of those “I shoulda” moments. By giving the pros something tangible to start with, you will also save a great deal of time in dealing with them…less back-and-forth, as the family debates what you really want.

I recommend starting with a trip to the magazine rack at the bookstore. There are several publications that highlight all the latest trends and enough glossy photos to get the family excited. From the get-go however, be realistic about how much money and space you can dedicate to the project. Focus on designs that fit your property, not only in size, but in style and grandeur. The Trevi Fountain is beautiful but it wouldn’t look right in most sub-division backyards. If the architecture of your home is formal, stick with that. If it’s rustic, go with that. I’ve seen many people blow sixty grand on a beautiful pool that just looks out of place. Lastly, remember that there is a lot more to it than just the vessel that holds the water. A great pool is a collection of water effects, decking, furniture, landscaping, and sometimes architectural elements like walls, benches, fireplaces, and even outdoor kitchens. (more…)